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Our apologies. We were recently made aware that Google+ was dropping all customers, us included, and that meant that we would not be able to do the survey, and then give you the link and code to access the Texas Navy Film. That would violate our very purpose. Until such time as we have a proper survey app working with our website, we would ask that you send an email to me, Jim Tyson, and answer the following questions. Regardless, the URL for the movie site can be found below the questions, and the code when you go to that page to access the movie is TNATX

My email: admtyson@texasnavy.com


  1. Your email address
  2. Teachers Name

  3. School District or Home School County

  4. School or Home School

  5. Grade Level

  6. Course 

  7. School District or Home School County

Click below or copy the following URL into your browser, and when executed, give the code provided above: https://vimeo.com/237676996

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